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Julie Hall is a freelance photographer and writer concerned with world arts, crafts and cultures, with a special focus on Asia. Her work has been published in Kyoto Journal, HAND/EYE, AFAR and various European magazines.


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Springtime feeling flowers Japan

Springtime feeling flowers Japan Japan's cherry blossom viewing season (hanami) is coming soon. As the most celebrated nature event in Japan, there are famous viewing sites around the country with over 30 varieties of trees with blossoms ranging from white to purple. Hanami is a commercial affair charged with the Japanese concept of kawaii or cuteness. Since the blossoms only last a short time, hanami also embodies the Japanese [...]

Kolkata Flower Market


Capital of the ancient Vijayanagara Empire, Hampi was a significant kingdom that ruled much of south India from the 14th to 16th centuries. Set in the heart of India in a surreal landscape of massive boulders, Hampi is a major pilgrimage site because of its connection with the Ramayana. Hampi is the place where Sri Rama first met Hanuman, the [...]


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Japan & Nature

A monk sips morning tea, it's quiet, the chrysanthemums flowering. — Matsuo Bashō (1644–1694) The makings of a culture are fascinating to me. The geography of a place, its natural resources, climate, wildlife, human genetics, and the value of sensitivity all influence what becomes a culture. The Japanese archipelago was originally settled by the Ainu people and [...]

Southern Sri Lanka

Photos made on assignment A red rickshaw beside the coast in Colombo Downtown Colombo Pettah Market, Colombo Galle Face Green, Colombo Girls at Galle Face Green, Colombo School girls playing in the sea at Galle Face Green in Colombo Sunset at Galle [...]

Lotus Weaving, Inle Lake

Quietly canoeing into the floating village of In Paw Khon, the rhythmic clacking sounds of handlooms resonate from the bamboo and wooden workshops and homes perched on stilts above the water. In this serene enclave on Burma’s Inle Lake, a community of highly skilled textile artisans produce one of the rarest fabrics in the world [...]


Under the leadership of Sally Holkar and Hemendra Sharma, the incomparable WomenWeave continues to grow in all the right ways. It was a privilege to photograph (and video) the women working on WW's finely handwoven khadi and silk textiles. The technical skills and artistry that go into the production of each fabric are a rich [...]

Along the Ghats of Maheshwar

Recently I revisited Maheshwar, a Hindu pilgrimage site along the Narmada River in India and home to the incomparable textile NGO WomenWeave. The images are from both trips.