Hawa Mahal

It’s been 15 years since my first trip to Jaipur, and while nothing can compare to the magic of that first trip, when bicycles and camels outnumbered cars and motorbikes, it still gives me a rush to be here. Noise and pollution aside, it’s a fascinating city and I’ve come here to do the best I can. Here’s a great excerpt from the Bhagavad Gita (and forward of “The India Report” by Charles and Ray Eames) that feels right for the moment:

You have the right to work but for the work’s sake only; you have no
right to the fruits of work. Desire for the fruits of work must never be
your motive in working. Never give way to laziness, either.
Perform every action with your heart fixed on the Supreme Lord.
Renounce attachment to the fruits. Be even-tempered in success and
failures, for it is this evenness of temper which is meant by Yoga.
Work done with anxiety about results is far inferior to work done
without such anxiety, in the calm of self-surrender.
Seek refuge in the knowledge of Brahman.
They who work selfishly for results are miserable.